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Anonymous asked:

Madeon's following this blog right?

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Madeon at Ultra Music Festival (2013)

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Anonymous asked:

what coloring do you use for your madeons gifs?

Which one? I personally make my own colourings, basically consists of Brightness/Contrast, Curves, Hue/Saturation, Selective Colour and Gradient Map if needed. Really depends on the image/gif though.

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Madeon posted a video on twitter of his first take of Pop Culture. See if you can pick out the slight differences to the final version!

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some madeon fanart! this guy makes my commutes extra fizzy

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Freeze Festival (30/11/13)

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Some scrapped versions of the Cut The Kid cover.

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wanderlustwaltz asked:

Where and how could i find madeon's font and the font like in crack the code to download cut the kid ? thanks xx

You mean the ones he usually use for album titles? Well that one, we don’t really know which one is that. But if you’re looking for the one that looks almost (or even the one) he’s been using all this time, as seen here we personally used Vani. Also about the code one… We don’t have the font for that. Sorry! 


lemonysnicketing replied to your post:

fontstruct.com/fontstr… this seems to be a downloadable font for his secret alphabet1
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