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"Oh you are back! I am sooo glad! Btw how many followers do you have?"


We’re not coming back

Cause we never left in the first place



Hovefestivalen 2014

Hovefestivalen 2014

Madeon - Live at SW4 2014 (Zippyshare)


So, I ripped Madeon’s set from South West Four on Sunday from Capital Xtra and uploaded it for those who want it with custom album art.

I was insanely happy to finally be able to experience madeon’s show live, after missing out multiple times before and having to listen to livesets online, and i’ve never had so much energy and love for anyone else that i’ve seen live! It was insanely magical.

(also fyeahmadeon, dunno if you’d like to reblog this? <3)

Pop Culture

Pop Culture

Anonymous asked:
"Please do more of your graphics! They were so nice and I really loved them. I haven't seen new ones in a long time and that's really sad."

Will do, anon! We actually have lots of ideas but time is not really helping us right now. We’d love to post everyday just like the old days but, once again, there’s not much we can do right now. But anyways, Thank you very much for your kind words also thanks for sticking with us! :)

Madeon // Surrender Nightclub (18/6/14)

Madeon // Maya Day &amp; Night Club (6/6/14)

Madeon // Maya Day & Night Club (6/6/14)